Shimoda Tokyu Hotel 下田東急ホテル


Combining Western-style comforts with attentive, Japanese hospitality

The Izu Peninsula , located to the south of Tokyo, draws travelers from throughout Japan for its mild, mediterranean climate and rugged beauty. The Shimoda Tokyu Hotel is perched on the seafront at Shimoda , a sleepy yet historically significant town at the center of Japan's first trade negotiations with the Western powers.

The hotel showcases the very best of what the area has to offer: pristine sandy beaches, delectable seafood, and mineral-rich hot springs. Indeed, its idyllic location makes the hotel a fantastic choice for the soon-to-be-wed and honeymooners alike, but there is something for guests of all ages to enjoy here. Spa packages, an enormously diverse buffet breakfast, innumerable hiking trails and watersports are all on offer either at, or just minutes away from the hotel.


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