Myojinkan 明神館


Accessible hot spring getaway set in idyllic surrounds

Capitalizing on the visual splendor of the local scenery, Myojinkan is a secluded hot springs inn located in the foothills of the Yatsugatake National Park in Nagano Prefecture . A member of the esteemed Relais & Chateaux network, Myojinkan has been dedicated to peaceful coexistence with nature since 1931.

The inn's restaurants—offering kaiseki or French cuisine—are a highlight. Food is grown on a nearby organic farm, with the approachable and inspired menu served by expert chefs. While Myojinkan's interiors are quintessentially Japanese, they are warm and inviting. The hot springs, which include a popular outdoor rotenburo, are renowned for their alkaline waters and healing properties. Perhaps best of all, Myojinkan is only 30 minutes away from the cosmopolitan castle town of Matsumoto , making it an accessible getaway for discerning travelers wanting to experience some of Japan's untouched beauty in luxurious surrounds.


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