Jyusouya 旅亭十三屋


An oasis in rural Nara

Recently, more intrepid travelers have sought out destinations around Japan beyond the major cities and are often rewarded for their efforts. Mt. Shigi in southwestern Nara is one such place, and the local ryokan Jyusouya is an ideal place to stay for those looking for classic Japanese comforts and superb cuisine. The chef draws deeply from kaiseki traditions, incorporating local seasonal ingredients and creative presentation for meals as beautiful as they are delicious.

Jyusouya has just nine rooms, all with tatami-mat floors, minimal furniture, and thick futons set out by staff before bed. Most rooms overlook the garden and have views of the nearby mountains. Daytrips to Mt. Shigi are recommended and can be arranged by the inn. Return before dinner for a soak in the onsen (hot springs) and look forward to your exquisite evening meal.


Near Jyusouya

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