Hotel Granvia Kyoto ホテルグランビア京都

hotelgranvia kyoto
hotelgranvia kyoto

Style and convenience at Kyoto Station

You can't get any more convenient than the Granvia Kyoto, located in the Kyoto Station Building . The second-floor restaurant serves as a meeting place for busy travelers, while the rooms on the top eight floors range from comfortable singles to sprawling elegant suites. Access to dozens of restaurants of every kind is a draw, and guests never have to worry about traffic on the way to the station.

Perhaps the point that sets the Granvia apart from other Kyoto hotels is its embracing of and support for gay marriage, offering full wedding arrangements for couples from Japan and around the world. The hotel will also assist with day trips in and around Kyoto, and help guests find the authentic cultural experiences for which the city is known.


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