Hiiragiya 柊家旅館


Two hundred years of hospitality

From its founding in 1818 until today, one family has owned and operated the classic Kyoto ryokan Hiiragiya. While there have been necessary changes over the years—the most recent being a seven-room addition with a notably contemporary flair—what hasn't changed is the unwavering hospitality and welcoming atmosphere of the establishment. Despite its location just off one of Kyoto's main thoroughfares, the only sounds one hears come from nature.

As with all ryokan, meals are an integral component and Hiiragiya doesn't disappoint. Served in the room one course at a time, guests are treated to culinary experiences as beautiful as they are delicious. Not to be overlooked are the baths, both the private wooden soaking tubs in the rooms and the communal onsen hot-spring baths, just the right temperature to prepare tired muscles for another day of exploring the vibrant city outside the ryokan's gate.


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