Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International Inc ホテル近鉄京都駅


Convenient access to Kyoto and the rest of the Kansai region

Connected to the ultra-modern Kyoto Station , Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station provides straightforward three-star amenities with convenient access to the rest of the city. Within the hotel is a 155-person lounge area that offers casual buffet breakfasts until 10:00 a.m. The surrounding shopping complexes offer further dinning and entertainment options. This hotel is an ideal option for travelers taking a short trip to Kyoto , or for those planning on making side excursions to Osaka or Nara .

Buses and trains depart from Kyoto Station regularly, conveniently taking you to attractions such as Kinkakuji Temple and the Philosopher's Road. Alternatively, there are numerous bike rental shops around the station, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace. The shinkansen line is also within the station gates, so you can access other regions of the country with extraordinary speed and ease.


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