Villa Rakuen ホテルニューアワジ ヴィラ楽園


Bespoke luxury and exemplary service at this high-end ryokan-style hotel

Experience high-end luxury, modern comforts, and quintessential Japanese hospitality at this contemporary beachfront ryokan facility that opened in 2010. Located in the national park environs of Awaji Island, Villa Rakuen forms part of the broader Hotel New Awaji complex and overlooks the Komoe Kaigan yacht harbor and the Seto Inland Sea.

Perfect for contemplation and relaxation, Villa Rakuen's spacious suites all feature self-contained hot springs. Furnishings are minimalist yet elegant, keeping in line with Japanese aesthetics and design, and the rooms make the most of natural light. Exclusive to the guests of Villa Rakuen is the top-floor sky lounge "Tenjo-no-sajiki," featuring breathtaking views of the bay and pristine beaches below.


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