Amahara 夢泉景別荘 天原(ゆめせんけい あまはら)


Dip into healing waters and bask in heavenly views

Awaji Island is believed to be the first place in Japan created by the gods. As such, it's widely regarded by the Japanese as a heavenly spot and ranks high as a vacation destination. Among the many hotels on the island, Amahara pulls out all the stops to pamper its guests. Each of the 18 rooms and suites has its own private open-air bath, and the decor and personal attention by staff make it feel like a luxury boutique hotel as much as a hot spring resort.

Since hot springs are a focal point, it's not surprising to learn Amahara has five baths, indoors and outdoors, each featuring a different kind of healing water and several with ocean views. The spa has four unique therapies, including Thai massage and Hawaiian lomi-lomi. And of course, there's the food—Japanese and Western cuisine focusing on the abundant seafood and locally raised Awaji beef, arguably the best wagyu in Japan.


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