L’Hôtel du Lac ロテル・デュ・ラク

l hoteldulac
l hoteldulac

Shiga's preeminent lakeside retreat

Lake Biwa is Japan's largest lake, located northeast of Kyoto in Shiga prefecture . It is a beautiful and popular holiday destination, not only for water-based activity but cultural, too, with the historic Enryakuji Temple and Hikone Castle nearby.

L'Hotel du Lac, located at the northern end of Lake Biwa, is an auberge-style resort with suites and cottage-style villas with waterfront views and sublime facilities. The 15 spacious yet homely rooms built in four styles—Japanese, Italian, Asian and North European—make guests feel at home. French influences prevail throughout the resort with French-inspired cuisine paired with wine selected by Shinya Tasaki, who won recognition as the world's top sommelier in 1995.


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L’Hôtel Du Lac
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