Kotohira Kadan 琴平花壇


Soak into 400 years of history

The town of Kotohira in Japan's southern island of Shikoku draws visitors for the striking mountaintop shrine Kotohiragu Shrine, otherwise known as Kompira-san. Situated just down the hill is the 400-year-old ryokan Kotohira Kadan—a favorite of Japanese writers and Buddhist pilgrims. The inn is comprised of a main building and several independent villas, all transported from other parts of the island and renovated into beautiful guest villas.

Among its many virtues, Kotohira Kadan is known for its sumptuous kaiseki meals, drawing heavily on locally-sourced ingredients. Guests also appreciate the hot spring baths, or onsen, with their rejuvenating waters and lovely views out to the Seto Inland Sea. After climbing hundreds of steps to the shrine and back, a restorative soak is exactly what's needed.


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