Ginrinsou 銀鱗荘

A ryokan lover's dream overlooking the sea in Hokkaido

Ginrinsou began its existence as the sprawling estate of a herring magnate in the port town of Otaru in 1873, not far from Sapporo . Master artisans fashioned the lavish home of the finest wood and stone then available. Later Ginrinsou was moved to a small cape on Ishikari Bay, and became a quintessential example of the ryokan or Japanese inn.

The inn's red cedar hallways, imposing rooftop tower and 18 spacious and luxurious guest rooms offer a grandeur rarely seen nowadays, with many of the rooms featuring hot spring baths. They offer a dramatic view of the bay, as does Ginrinsou's beautifully landscaped open-air hot spring bath. Fine dining options include French cuisine as well as an outstanding selection of Japanese food highlighted by seasonal seafood delicacies at Ginrinsou Grill.


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