Gion Hatanaka 祇園畑中


A classic ryokan in the cultural capital of Kyoto

In a city with almost as many ryokan as temples, it's not easy to stand out, but Gion Hatanaka does just that. With just 23 rooms, all in the traditional minimalist Japanese style, the inn is able to focus on its guests and effortlessly deliver Japan's famous omotenashi, seamless hospitality. The cuisine is considered among the best offered in Kyoto , emphasizing seasonal specialties all beautifully arranged and presented on a dazzling array of tableware.

In addition to its charms as a ryokan, Gion Hatanaka is well known for its authentic geisha and maiko shows. Experience a delicious meal and unlimited beverages, along with a classical performance of singing, dancing, and playful drinking games—which the geisha inevitably win.


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