Otozure 山口県・湯本温泉 大谷山荘 別邸 音信


Escape to nature

Nearly at the westernmost edge of Japan's main island of Honshu, Otozure Bettei sits surrounded by nature on all sides. A resort as much as it is a ryokan, visitors can choose from seven beautiful, spacious rooms, each with its own soaking bath, as well as enjoy the numerous public baths, spa, gym, and two elegant restaurants. The grounds make strolling the property a joy, between the minimalist Water Garden at the entrance to the Japanese Gardens leading to the restaurants.

The nearby town of Nagato Yumoto can trace the history of its hotsprings back to the mid-14th century, and over the centuries many of Japan's most famous warriors and feudal lords have come here to bathe in the restorative, healing waters. Other local points of interest include Omi Island , Akiyoshi Cave , and Hagi .


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