Takaragawa Onsen Osenku 宝川温泉 汪泉閣

A one-of-a-kind rural ryokan experience

It is hard to believe that a rustic, remote onsen retreat can be found just over an hour from central Tokyo. The rustic Takaragawa Onsen Osenku in Gunma Prefecture is a traditional Japanese hot spring inn at the foothills of Mt. Tanigawa , most well-known for its open-air hot spring baths along the Takara River.

Each of the immaculate guest rooms is fitted with tatami matting and shoji screens, as is typical of traditional Japanese inns, offering an authentic yet comfortable experience of the rural way of life in Japan. Guests can also expect their meals to be made with only the freshest ingredients, sourced from the neighboring forests and rivers.


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Takaragawa Onsen Osenku
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