Japan to Launch Floating Hotel in October 2017

A luxury ‘floating hotel’ will open in the island-dotted, tranquil waters of Japan’s inland sea on 17th October 2017.  

Guntu, which will offer 19 two-person cabins, will constantly change its location, mooring between islands in the Seto Inland Sea – an area populated with internationally well-known islands such as Naoshima, famed for majestic sculptures and larger-than-life exhibitions.

Varying its route depending on the season, Guntu will take passengers on one, two or three night journeys to discover the inland sea’s network of picturesque islands. Each journey will depart from Bella Vista in Onomichi City. Whilst the hotel will not pull into shore throughout its journeys, passengers will be whisked off for experiences and to visit nearby attractions (such as ancient temple ruins and to hike uninhabited coast lines) via tender boats.  

An example of a westbound journey for four nights and three days would include:

Depart Bella Vista Marina > Onomichi Channel > Offshore Miyajima (moored overnight) > Ondonoseto Strait > Kurahashi Island > Obatakeseto Straight > Offshore near Yanai in Yamanashi Prefecture > Kaminoseki Bay (moor overnight) > Iwai Island > Kutsuna Islands > Omi Island (moor overnight) > Kurushima Straits > Bella Vista Marina.

Each of Guntu’s 19 private cabins will come with its own terrace, encouraging passengers to step outside, soak in the morning sun and admire views over the sea beyond. On board the vessel, guests will have access to an observation deck, shop, lounge, gym, communal hot spring area, outdoor bar, tearoom, cocktail bar, sushi bar and char-grill counter. Each of the dining options will allow guests to savour seasonal specialties sourced in the local area, with celebrated chefs joining the fray to ensure a top-class dining experience for all aboard.  

Guntu will be designed so as to blend into the scenery around it, with its tiled roof matching buildings along the coastline, and a silver coloured hull which will reflect the surface of the water, thus ever-transforming to match the subtle hues of the sea.  

Starting at 400,000 yen (approximately £2817) per night for two guests, rates include all meals and activities whilst on board. Bookings can be made via walk-in at the Guntu Gallery on 2nd floor of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, or via telephone: +810368236055. The Guntu Gallery website is available only in Japanese at this time: http://guntu.jp/reservation.