Low-down on Japanese Manners in partnership with People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan

Japanese manners can surprise you in many situations, just ask the boys from Kurupt FM who take on Tokyo in the new film People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan! Sometimes the best lessons are learned the hard way, but you can also let other people’s mishaps guide you. Read about other people's 'hazukashii' embarrassing moments and our cultural take on them to save you from blushing! 

Afternoon Tea the Japanese Way: Getting the most out of the new normali-tea

Shizuoka prefecture, located a short high speed train ride away from Tokyo, is famous all over the world for its top notch onsen hot springs and being one of the best spots to see Mt. Fuji. What many people aren’t aware of is that Shizuoka is also Japan’s largest green tea producer, 40% of green tea comes from here! Covered with stunning tea fields creating an unforgettable landscape, it’s the mecca of Tea Tourism. That’s where you want to head for hands on experiences while visiting one of many plantations or simply enjoying a cup of this locally produced goodness. Find out about the best tea destinations for the new normal! 

Setting the Scene: 4 timeless films, 4 stunning locations and a 1 month FREE BFI Player membership

The BFI's Japan Season, with over 100 years of Japanese cinema' has had us itching for more films and trip to the locations that inspired them! Must be that Japan-shaped hole in our hearts... So whilst we can't yet travel to Japan, we thought we'd properly introduce you to some of the locations featured in some of the season's finest films, while travel is confined to the armchair and silver screen. Read on to find out more!



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