Tour and Taste Sublime Sake at Kiuchi Brewery

Learn how Japan's national beverage is made and sample the wares at this welcoming brewery

The Kiuchi brewery in Ibaraki Prefecture has been brewing sake since 1823. At their main shop in Naka City, visitors are invited to tour the brewing facilities to learn all about the process of making sake. The best sake is made from top-quality rice and pristine water and Kiuchi makes sure that only the best of both ingredients is used in their brewing. Their sake rice is produced by specially contracted growers in Ibaraki and Hyogo Prefectures, while the pristine natural spring water is drawn from the brewery's own well, part of the Naka River valley. The company also has developed its own yeast, which aids the fermentation process and yields a refined final taste.

Visitors can taste the result for themselves in a special tasting session after the tour. For those interested in taking home a bottle or two of Kiuchi’s best, the on-site shop offers a full range of delectable brews.

When the tour and tasting is finished, why not sit down to lunch in one of the brewery's old warehouses, renovated and converted into an atmospheric eatery? Dine on handmade soba noodles and other delicacies as you sip on sake, or try some of Kiuchi's Hitachino Nest craft beer, shochu, or award-winning plum liqueur.

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