Discover Mindfulness and Inner Peace at Tokozen-ji

Meditate on life’s greater meaning at this Zen temple in Yokohama

Step into the tranquility of Tokozen-ji, a Zen Buddhist temple located in southern Yokohama, and leave the rat race of the modern world behind.

While its founding around the year 1200 makes it one of the oldest Zen temples in Japan, Tokozen-ji has a thoroughly modern world view. It’s one of the few temples in Japan to offer a program of zazen (Zen meditation) specifically for international guests, with English instruction and assistance. Both the head abbot and the presiding abbot have lived overseas and welcome the opportunity to introduce tourists to the enlightening practice of Zen meditation.

Tokozen-ji is dedicated to Yakushi-Nyorai, the buddha of medicine and healing, and it is this statue that watches over visitors as they meditate in the main hall. Sessions take place twice a week in the afternoons and can be reserved for both individuals and groups alike. Those who may have trouble sitting cross-legged on the floor for long periods are welcome to make use of the temple’s chairs. After zazen, visitors are treated to a refreshing cup of green tea and a traditional Japanese dessert.

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