Experience All the Thrills of an Authentic Formula One Course

Suzuka Circuit offers excitement for auto racing fans of all ages

Motorsport enthusiasts looking for fun can drive straight to the Suzuka Circuit International Racing Course, a race track located in Mie Prefecture's Suzuka City. Driven by the vision of Honda Soichiro, HONDA’s founder, the Suzuka Circuit was built as one of the few circuits in the world to feature a figure-eight layout. It stands today as one of the most classic tracks of the Formula One World Championship.

At this track, the traditional host of the Japanese Grand Prix, car enthusiasts of all ages are welcome to take in the thrill of the race for themselves via the Circuit Challenger experience. Using an EV machine steering wheel, you can get a sense for how the F1 cars operate from accelerating, braking and steering, and shifting gears. The challenge involves various missions that you must complete to reach the goal. At the end, you'll receive an evaluation to see how your skills match up with other drivers. Why not try a test run?

When you've had your fill of excitement, soak in the hot springs on the premises, or take in the night scenery at nearby Yokkaichi Harbor. There’s even a hotel at the circuit if you’re looking to stay the night. Just an hour by car or train from central Nagoya, Suzuka is a perfect destination for car lovers.

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