Luxury Dining and Japanese Beauty at Hanbe

Upscale meals amidst a traditional garden setting in Hiroshima

While Japan has no shortage of high-end establishments serving exquisitely prepared seasonal cuisine, none offer quite the same setting as Hanbe, a traditional restaurant in the southern part of Hiroshima City. The venue was used in the Spouses' Program at the G7 Hiroshima Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in 2016.

The setting is sure to delight upon your arrival, with a traditional Japanese garden spreading out in all directions. Delicate flowers bloom in spring, while the colors deepen with the arrival of autumn. The garden is said to have been visited by Japanese ministers and their families as well as visiting dignitaries from countries such as France, Canada and Italy.

With this special tour, you can soak up views of the stunning garden from inside the restaurant as you enjoy a multi-course feast of local specialties. Fresh fish from the nearby Seto Inland Sea and vegetables sourced from throughout Hiroshima are just a few of the delicacies that will grace your plate and please your palate.

As an option for a fee, diners are also treated to concerts of traditional Japanese music. Relax to the sounds of the shakuhachi (a traditional bamboo flute) and let yourself be transported to the world of the ancient gods with a performance of Shinto song and dance.