A Smorgasbord of Traditional Sweets at Sankaido

Treat your tastebuds at a Japanese confectionary with something for every season

Nothing goes better with a cup of green tea than wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), with their subtle flavors and artistic appearance. At Sankaido, a venerable confectionary shop in the hot spring resort town of Yamanaka Onsen in Ishikawa's Kaga area, you can enjoy a host of colorful, tasteful treats crafted in harmony with the changing of the seasons.

Established in 1905, Sankaido prepares a wide variety of wagashi using the finest ingredients, including sublimely sweet azuki bean paste. Admire and savor their Ohigashi, made with premium fine-grained Wasanbon sugar and shaped into flowers, leaves, and more. They offer a specialty product each season, featuring Ohigashi hidden inside a traditional monaka wafer. Open them and savor the visual artistry and flavor alike. But why settle for just tasting? Make a reservation to take part in the wagashi workshop, and you'll have the chance to craft one of this delicious works of art yourself, be it arranging a host of colorful treats in a box or actually making them by hand yourself.

After enjoying sublime Japanese sweets, venture out and enjoy the hot springs, or take in the immense natural beauty of the Kakusenkei Gorge. Yamanaka Onsen in the Kaga area is located about 60 minutes from Kanazawa by train and bus.

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