Fashion Authentic Kutani Ware Porcelain

Create a masterpiece of your very own at a museum housing a nearly 200-year-old kiln

Located in the southwest region of Ishikawa Prefecture, Kaga is famed for its traditional crafts. Particularly striking is the porcelain known as Kutani ware, its vivid hues and bold patterns setting it apart among Japanese ceramics.

At the Kutaniyaki Kamaato Tenjikan, visitors can learn all about this historic craft, and admire traditional and contemporary works set in its exhibition space. The museum also houses the remains of the oldest existing Kutani ware kiln, built in 1826. Here, you can watch master artisans at work as they shape, fire, and paint their masterpieces with time-honored techniques.

But why settle for just looking? Visitors are invited to create their own works of art on the pottery wheel or paint an authentic piece of Kutani ware, all under the patient guidance of a veteran potter. Two distinct courses are available to cater to both beginners and experienced visitors alike. Provide your address to the museum, and they'll ship the fruits of your labor to you when it's complete, giving you a souvenir to treasure for a lifetime.

Just 10 minutes by local bus from Kaga Onsen Station, this artistic destination is set in the heart of one of Ishikawa Prefecture's premier hot spring regions.

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