Make Your Own Souvenir in Takamatsu

Try your hand at the complex Goto-nuri lacquering style

Kagawa Prefecture's lacquerware has been coveted for centuries thanks to its sophistication and beauty. The technique can be applied to boxes, trays, dishware, tables, and so much more. Luckily, the Goto-nuri Original Magnet-Making Workshop Tour has you covered if you find yourself wanting to take home one of these gorgeously glazed items.

First, you’ll learn about the Goto-nuri style of lacquering. Then it's time to get to work making your very own lacquered magnet. Worried about allergies? The workshop uses a specially-formulated hypoallergenic version so you can handle your work worry-free.

Once you’ve finished, you'll be treated to some traditional Japanese wagashi sweets and tea. Enjoy the break--you've earned it! Your handmade magnet will be the perfect souvenir from your time in Kagawa, but remember to keep it safely boxed up over the next few days until the lacquer is totally dry.

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