Onigiri Yadoroku Offers a New Spin on Rice Balls

Enjoy world-class comfort food in Tokyo’s famed Asakusa neighborhood

Rice balls, known as onigiri in Japan, are one of the nation’s staple dishes. From child’s lunchbox item to portable snack for hikers, onigiri are everywhere. Flavors can range from a simple sprinkle of furikake seasoning to an entire fried shrimp or a scoop of glistening salmon roe.

Onigiri Yadoroku turns this simple favorite into a sit-down dining experience to be savored. The restaurant first opened in 1954, when white rice was still a luxury item after the hard years of war rationing. Today, Onigiri Yadoroku sources rice from all over Japan, though they are particular about using only nori (seaweed) from the Tokyo area. The fillings change with the seasons, but often include such family favorites as umeboshi (pickled plum), yamagobo (mountain burdock) and grilled salmon. There are also unique offerings for the adventurous diner, including ami (small shrimp boiled in soy sauce) and fumizuke (cucumber and herring roe pickled in sake lees).

While Onigiri Yadoroku has been recognized by a world-famous European restaurant guide for its food, the restaurant still retains its casual, cozy feel. Come with friends or family─you're sure to see this Japanese comfort food in a whole new light.

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