Taste the Sake of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi

An all-encompassing sake experience featuring a guided brewery tour and tasting

Discover the world of Japanese sake at a renowned sake brewery nestled at the foot of majestic Mt. Fuji within Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Ide Sake Brewery in Yamanashi Prefecture offers guided tours sure to please sake aficionados and aspiring fans alike. See firsthand how sake is brewed, learn of the brewery’s rich history, and delight in tasting their signature sake. You’re sure to emerge from the experience with a deeper knowledge and appreciation of one of Japan’s representative beverages.

Start your sake journey with an up-close look at the brewery’s interior and extensive equipment. Take a glimpse into the magic of time-honored brewing techniques as your guide leads you through the premises, offering full support in English to ensure you can immerse yourself in the realm of sake without missing any details.

Continue your tour at the brewery’s centuries-old residence—built to provide lodgings for the deputy of Katsuyama Castle during the Edo period—and feel yourself slip back into Japan’s feudal times. From there, take a pleasant stroll in the age-old tranquil Japanese garden for a moment of serenity. Finish the tour with a tasting of Ide Sake Brewery’s signature brews, savoring the characteristic tastes of the many varieties on offer, then pick up a bottle or two at the brewery shop to enjoy on the trip home.

Only a 7-minute walk from Kawaguchiko Station—less than 2 hours by limited express train from Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station—this gateway to Japanese sake awaits you near the shores of Lake Kawaguchi, where Mt. Fuji rises in the distance.

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