Mountains of Mushrooms: An Edible Adventure in the Great Outdoors

A full day of foraging in Nagano Prefecture — one of Japan's largest mushroom producers

Head into the lush mountains of Shinanomachi during autumn and discover another world where fungi abound — the area is home to some 6,000 species of wild mushrooms. While crunching fall leaves underfoot, explore forest trails with a knowledgeable local guide and seek out some of the 130 edible species growing nearby.

Your tour begins at Guesthouse Lamp, a stone's throw from the picturesque shores of Lake Nojiri — a designated special area within the Myoko–Togakushi Renzan National Park. Join the team from Sunday Planning for a trip up into the highlands or to the base of the valley, scouting out prime locations for a day of foraging fun.

Fill your basket with a variety of nature's bounty and savor the satisfyingly rich and earthy aroma. Along the way, learn how to recognize tasty mushroom species such as maitake (hen-of-the-woods) and yamabushitake (lion's mane), with the reassurance of expert supervision.

Later, take a break and refuel on rice balls; lovingly made with award-winning rice from nearby Ochikage Farm. Then, once back at base, the guesthouse can turn your spoils into a delectable dinner. Enjoy a steaming hotpot, light and flavorful side dishes and scrumptious stir-fries — all filled with fungi.

Guesthouse Lamp provides a complimentary shuttle service for overnight guests and activity participants to and from Kurohime Station. With healing forests, ski slopes, and hiking tracks only half an hour by train from Nagano Station, look no further than Shinanomachi for outdoor fun.