A Full-day Cycling Adventure in Osaka

Explore all the city of Osaka has to offer through a rejuvenating cycling experience

Treat yourself to an adventure in Osaka through a one-day cycling experience with Cycle Osaka, an organization offering small-group tours that offer guests an unforgettable experience on two wheels. Let a friendly, knowledgeable guide take you around to explore all of Osaka’s highlights, from popular sites to hidden gems.

Embark on your journey from the quirky neighborhood of Fukushima and pedal past the European-inspired architecture of the Nakanoshima district, which stands in striking contrast to the rest of the city. Continue eastward and stop over at the Japan Mint, the government institution responsible for creating coins, medals of honor and metallic art objects, and admire metal-wrought masterpieces at the on-premise museum. From there, you’ll cycle over to Osaka Castle, a major landmark of the city known for its cultural and historical significance and history, and marvel at the sophisticated, traditional Japanese architecture set amidst a modern urban metropolis. Once you’ve had your fill of old Japan, venture south to replenish your energy with some tasty Osaka eats, all included in the overall expenses of the tour.

Those hungry for more can power through to Shitennoji Temple for a spiritual visit before entering the beloved Shin-Sekai area for some well-deserved snacking and finger foods. Start your journey back home by cycling through Namba Yasaka Shrine to pay your respects at its iconic lion-shaped stage. Top it off with a relaxing moment amidst the beauty of Utsubo Park, and snap photos of its ethereal rose garden and Zelkova tree-lined paths.

The tour is easily accessed from central Osaka, with the gathering spot just a 10-minute walk from Fukushima Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line.

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