A Night of Food and Culture in Hiroshima

Immerse yourself in local culture on a guided tour of popular neighborhood eateries

Looking for a local nightlife adventure in Hiroshima? Sign yourself up for an immersive nighttime experience in this lively city by embarking on a private guided food excursion. This tour curated by Pinpoint Traveler will take you to hand-selected local standing bars and restaurants, providing guests with a foodie experience you won’t find in any travel guide.

Begin your intimate food adventure with your friendly guide and fellow participants at the entrance to Hiroshima Hon Dori Shotengai, a bustling shopping arcade overflowing with lively chatter and the cheerful smiles of locals around you. Soak up the bright and buoyant atmosphere of the avenue, the welcoming greetings of shop owners, and the enticing aromas wafting forth from street vendors as your guide escorts you from one local favorite to the next. Surrender yourself to a host of delicacies featuring fresh seafood, grilled plates, and slow-cooked, melt-in-your-mouth foods with rich flavors unique to Hiroshima cuisine.

From your first stop to the last, your guide will introduce the specialties of each popular local shop, ensuring an authentic food adventure. Take pleasure in the lively atmosphere of each establishment and engage in engrossing conversations with locals. It’s the perfect opportunity to live, learn and love Hiroshima food culture.

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