Meet One of the Last Japanese Shinshu Saw Craftsmen

Visit the workshop of a traditional saw artisan in Nagano

This experience is an invaluable chance to meet the last living artisan of the traditional Shinshu saw craft, the master craftsman Morozumi Kanehiro. Like his father before him, Kanehiro has been a craftsman for 55 years, carrying on the tradition inherited from generation after generation. Visit his workshop in Nagano alongside an English-speaking guide and let Kanehiro introduce you to the history of the craft. You can admire Kanehiro’s skills at work, and even join him for a hands-on session where you'll practice sharpening the saw teeth.

Shinshu saws are made with the best-quality ironsand, each one is expertly crafted to be sharp, sturdy, and perfectly balanced, making them some of the most sought-after carpentry tools in the market. While there used to be hundreds of craftsmen in this trade, today only Kanehiro himself remains. Asked about the future, Kanehiro says, “As long as there are people in need of my saws, I will keep forging.”

The workshop is available from April to November, and lasts for 2 hours. This unique experience that offers a glimpse into traditional Japanese craftsmanship can be found in Chino, less than two hours from central Tokyo via the Azusa Limited Express.

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