Make Your Own Japanese Knife in Nagano

Learn from a Japanese blacksmith and forge a memory to last a lifetime

From the katana blades wielded by the samurai of old to contemporary sushi knives, the beauty and quality of Japanese craftsmanship has found admirers the world over. At Sadamasa, a blacksmith's shop in scenic Nagano, visitors are invited to learn techniques passed down through generations and experience the thrill of fashioning their own knife.

An English-speaking guide will join you to help communicate with the Sadamasa blacksmith, whose family has been forging fine blades for a century. After a tour of the premises and an introduction to his business, he'll walk you through each stage of the forging process: from cutting and shaping to heating, sharpening, and polishing.

After observing the process, you'll have a go at trying it first-hand. Held once a month on weekdays from April to November, the entire workshop lasts for two days, with three hours per day. At the end of the activity, you'll be able to take home a truly one-of-a-kind souvenir, a knife forged by your own hand in Japan!

Sadamasa is located in Chino, just two hours from Tokyo by the Azusa Limited Express train.

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