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Elegantly showcased Hokkaido cuisine, accompanied by sweeping views

Michel Bras Toya Japon connects two cuisines united by a philosophy of uncompromising respect for local produce and deference to tradition. The connection between Laguiole and Toya is strong. Michel Bras and his head chef Simone Cantafio cook dishes using the seasonal food of Hokkaido while bringing the special Le Suquet creativity and subtle detail to each meal.

The restaurant sits atop the Hotel Windsor, looking across Lake Toya and its beautiful islands. The view complements the service—efficient but never brusque, always anticipating the guest needs. With only a few delicious exceptions—truffles from Compregnac, foie gras, cheeses from Aveyron—local produce from family farms and seafood from the clear seas surrounding Hokkaido shine in dishes that inspire and surprise. A roasted fillet of duck smoked with sakura wood connects a very French dish with a Japanese sense of seasons. Aburako, a fish from the nearby sea, is poached and lifted with a touch of lime and salt, married with a salad of daikon radish and spring shoots. The bright, clever, creative menu shifts as the season pass, honoring the essential character of Hokkaido.

336 Shimizu, Toyako-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido