Discover your ultimate national park adventure

With so much to see and do in Japan’s national parks, a carefully planned itinerary is essential. 

Whether you’re looking to hike, take a road trip, whale watch or cycle, we’ve created a selection of both long and short trips to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

  • Winter Excursions
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      4-Day Trip: Frozen Wonders in Midwinter's Chill

      Enjoy the Akan Lake Ice Festival, snowshoe walks, starry nights, and many other winter activities in the forests and lakes of Akan-Mashu National Park.


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      Overnight Trip: Winter Excursions from Morioka

      Choose from seven overnight trip routes to get the most out of Towada-Hachimantai. Each route offers different snow activities, hot springs and more.

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      2-Day Trip: Winter Wonderland on Tokyo's Doorstep

      Enjoy a wonderful snow activity course close to Tokyo. Excellent skiing and snowboarding are on offer, as well as scenic snowshoe guided walks.

  • Mountains
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      4-Day Trip: Active Adventure in the Great Outdoors

      Experience the great outdoors with the forests, volcanoes and lakes of Akan-Mashu National Park. Enjoy fun activities such as mountain climbing and canoeing.

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      2-Day Trip: Scenery and Cycling in Summer

      Visit Hiruzen Kogen, one of Japan’s best resorts thanks to its idyllic highland surroundings, verdant nature, and some of the best cycling roads in Japan. 

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      3-Day Trip: Thriving Culture Inside a Caldera

      Experience the volcanoes and sweeping meadows of a world class caldera. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of people living within the caldera over three days.

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      3-Day Trip: Trek Through Deep Mythology

      Over three days, Explore Kirishima’s stunning volcanic landscape with a hike or trek. You can even look down at Kirishima from the comfort of a charter plane.

  • Relaxation
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      3-Day Trip: Hot Spring Healing and Relaxation

      On this family-friendly, water-themed tour, visit hot springs in a number of historical onsen towns including Shiobara Onsen Village, famous for its therapeutic baths.

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      3-Day Trip: Hot Springs, Hiking and Wildlife

      Scale the Kuju Mountain Range, explore wetlands, see rare wildlife, and drink from natural springs. Afterwards, unwind in one of the area's many hot springs.

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      3-Day Trip: Relaxation Around Stunning Sakurajima

      Take in spellbinding views of Sakurajima’s active volcano and explore beautiful Kinkowan Bay, Japanʼs one and only sea-linked caldera.

  • Culture
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      5-Day Trip: Ainu Culture in Dynamic Calderas

      Visit Akan-Mashu National Park’s unforgettable caldera and marvel at the unique landscape. Discover Ainu lifestyle and culture that lives on in the caldera.

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      4-Day Trip: History, Nature and a Beloved Resort

      Explore the history, culture and scenery of the national park through the shrines and temples of Nikko, which are a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

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      4-Day Trip: Glamping and Seafood in Ise-Shima

      Discover the intertwined history of nature and religion, enjoy fresh seafood, meet with ama female divers, and observe pearl farming in the seas of Ise-Shima.

  • Sea & Ocean Activities
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      3-Day Trip: Cultural Center and Gastronomic Bounty

      Take a walking course to the sacred Ise Grand Shrine and the culture of Ama female divers. Look out over beautiful satoumi and cultivated sea fields.

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      3-Day Trip: Pearls and Seafood on the Coast

      Discover the magic of Ise-Shima and explore cultivated sea fields, observe pearl farming and meet ama female divers in the beautiful setting of Ago Bay.

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      4-Day Trip: Highlights of the Oki Islands

      Marvel at the epic views of the Oki Islands on this spectacular sightseeing course. See dynamic coastline shaped by strong winds since ancient times.

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      6-Day Trip : San'in Geopark Romantic Route

      This tour centers on the geoparks of Sanʼin that run through both Tottori and Shimane prefectures. Discover the mountains, islands and seas between them.

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      At Leisure: Relax and Swim on Tokashiki Island

      Look out for sea turtles in "Kerama blue" seas, enjoy stand up paddleboarding in secluded coves, and savor the beautiful beaches and island trails.

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      At Leisure: Whale Watching on Zamami Island

      Enjoy whale-watching by boat on the beautiful "Kerama blue" sea or visit Zamami Island observatory and look from land for these majestic beasts of the deep.

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      At Leisure: Leisure and Animals Across Four Islands

      Go whale-watching and look for Kerama deer by day, and relax in the evening by gazing at the starry skies. An activity-packed holiday spanning four islands.

  • Hiking
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      3-Day Trip: Mountains, Lakes and Streams in Towada-Hachimantai

      Experience the exceptional scenic beauty of Lake Towada, Oirase and Hakkoda. Marvel at majestic mountains and pristine lakes, and relax by gently flowing streams.

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      4-Day Trip: Hiking, Onsen and Volcanic Activity

      Enjoy a hot springs tour that explores four volcanoes. Not only can you soak in hot springs, but you can also watch volcanic activity up close.

  • Driving
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      3-Day Trip: Road Trip Around Daisen

      Explore a scenic driving route from Hiruzen to Daisen, and then on to Mihonoseki which takes you past huge mountains, vast oceans, and peaceful nature.