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Mashu and Kussharo Sea of Clouds Tour

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Experience the mystery of the Mashu and Kussharo calderas

To the west of Akan-Mashu National Park is the Kussharo Caldera, the largest caldera in Japan, and to the east of the park is the Mashu Caldera. When weather conditions allow, you may be able to see a spectacular "sea of clouds" viewed from the calderas' outer rims. The chances of seeing the sea of clouds are generally higher in June and August, but the longer you stay in the region, the better your odds are of encountering this phenomenon. Your guide will provide a detailed explanation on how the sea of clouds is formed.

Please be advised that the formation of clouds is dependent on local weather systems.

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Available June 1 to October 10
Duration 1.5 hours
Cost Adults (age 12 and over): 3,600 yen, children (ages 7 to 11): 2,600 yen, infants (age 6 and under): 500 yen. 2 to 19 people can be accommodated per tour.
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Phone (+81) 015-483-2101 (JP)
Email e-tabi@tourism-teshikaga.co.jp
Website https://tourism-teshikaga.co.jp/category/activities/greenseason/ (JP)

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