Chubusangaku National Park

Raichosawa Starry Sky Overnight Tour

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Enjoy camping high in the Northern Japanese Alps under star-lit skies

Trek deep into the mountains and enjoy a camping experience like no other in the Northern Japanese Alps. Expert guides will take you on a private tour tailored to your experience level on an adventure into a wilderness surrounded by peaks rising 3,000 meters or more.

Each tour takes safety and respect for nature into consideration, so you can feel confident while you explore. The Starry Sky overnight tour offers the magical experience of watching mountainsides glow deep red while the sun sets and the landscape transforms to peaks silhouetted against blue-black skies of shimmering stars.

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Available July 1 to September 30
Duration 6 hours
Cost Per-person fee depends on number of participants: 2 people: 33,000 yen/person, 3 people: 28,000 yen/person, 4 people: 24,000 yen/person, 5 people: 22,000 yen/person, 6 people: 20,000 yen/person
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