Daisen-Oki National Park

Take Part in the Morning Rituals of Miho-jinja Shrine

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Engage in local spiritual traditions

Legend has it that the cape of Mihonoseki is home to a variety of important gods. Visit the area's Miho-jinja Shrine to take part in Shinto ceremonies that are carried out on behalf of these benevolent spirits. Join in with ceremonial activities such as symbolic cleaning and the dedication of offerings to different deities. On completion of these activities, you'll receive a certificate to thank you for your service.


Available All year
Duration 2 hours 15 minutes
Cost Adults and children (7 years old and over) 1,500 yen
Contact Matsue Tourist Association, Mihonoseki Branch
Phone (+81) 0852-73-9001
Website www.mihonoseki-kankou.jp

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