Scenic Drive
15.9 km
0 h50min
Zamami Port
Zamami Port

Cruise around the Observatories of Zamamijima Island

A drive featuring rugged scenery, sheer cliffs and scenic ocean views

Zamamijima Island was once connected to the high mountains of the mainland. Now, however, it is the only peak still visible above the waves after tectonic activity reshaped the area. The island's mountainous terrain is full of rugged scenery and sheer cliffs that also offer you various scenic ocean views.

Zamamijima Island also has a trio of coastal observatories. Chishi Observatory, the northernmost of the three, is famous for its views of cliff faces. Next is Unajinosachi Observatory, perched on the island's western cliffs and a popular spot to watch the sunset. Between them is Inazaki Observatory, a winter favorite due to the annual migration of humpback whales through the waters below.

Route Map

Cruise around the Observatories of Zamamijima Island

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