Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park

Enjoy the Fresh Bounty of Local Farms

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Help locals prepare a lunch to remember

Explore the abundant produce of Sakurajima’s farms, a supply of record-breaking proportions thanks to the use of fertilizer made from the mineral-rich seaweed of nearby Kinkowan Bay. This tour focuses on tangerines and radishes. First, you’ll join local farmers as they harvest these delicious fruits and vegetables. Then you’ll sit down and enjoy freshly prepared dishes made with those crops.


Available April – October (Timings are irregular. Advance bookings required.)
When During the Sakurajima radish harvest season, January – February. Farmer's lunch available year round. Tangarine harvesting in December.
Duration 1 hour
Cost Harvest, adults and children (6 years and over) 1,500 yen, infants (5 years and under) free of charge. Lunch (available all year), 1,200 yen per person. Minimum of 2 participants. Maximum of 20-100 participants (advanced booding is required).
Phone (+81) 090-5935-1921

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