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Oirase Stream Walking Trail

Take a scenic upstream walk along Oirase Stream to its source: Lake Towada

The Oirase Stream flows from Lake Towada, running about 14 kilometers from Nenokuchi on the lakeshore, to the hot spring town of Yakeyama. The walk along the mountain stream is gentle, with opportunities to take photographs and relax in the forest surroundings. The inspiring landscape was carved out by the ever-changing flow of water winding through the deep, natural woods. Lake Towada can be reached on foot, by rental bike or via a bus service that runs parallel to the walk.


Start your walk with a stop at the Oirase Museum

Oirase Stream Museum (Oirase Keiryukan)

The Oirase Stream Museum in Yakeyama provides information about the area and its flora. There is also a bike rental service. The facility acts as a departure point for guided tours. Hikes along the river offer an ideal opportunity to appreciate Oirase’s rich environment. Guided snowshoe tours around the area are available during the winter season.

Follow the course of the stream

Meandering Forest Stream

The beautiful stream that winds through the forest is Oirase’s standout attraction. The sounds of wild birds and the burbling stream add and extra dimension of pleasure to the walk. Along the way, enjoy views of waterfalls and rapids. Attractive rapids form at the point where Sanmidare Stream and Ashura Stream join Oirase Stream.

A cool and refreshing path

The Changing Seasons

The Oirase Stream is flanked by many types of trees including Japanese beech, Japanese oak, Japanese Judas tree, Japanese horse chestnut and other broad-leaved species. The fresh, vivid greenery of spring and the multicolored foliage of autumn are particularly attractive. In summer, the path resembles an alluring green tunnel. The various plants and flowers reflect the changing seasons and create a rewarding sensory experience year-round.

Route Map

Oirase Stream Walking Trail

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