• Hiking
  • Oirase Stream Long Trail

    Time Required: 4 h 41 min.      Distance: 14.3 km

    Walk upstream along the beautiful Oirase stream toward its source, Lake Towada

    The Oirase stream is the only river flowing from Lake Towada, stretching about 14 km from Nenokuchi to Yakeyama. The walk along the mountain stream is gentle, and the water is good for forest bathing. You will enjoy an inspiring landscape created by the ever-changing flow of water amid deep natural woods. You can walk to Lake Towada or use a rental bike as well. A bus route runs parallel to the walk.




    Oirase Keiryu-kan (Oirase Stream Museum)


    Located on Yakeyama at the furthest point downstream on the Oirase stream, the Oirase Stream Museum offers a variety of information as well as a bike rental service. Guided tours start from this facility. While hiking along the river, you can appreciate the forest trees, wild birds, and other natural surroundings of Oirase. During winter, a snowshoe tour is also recommended. You can enjoy snowshoeing at the snow-covered Oirase Area with a guide.


    Flow of the mountain stream


    The main attraction of Oirase is the beautiful mountain stream that flows through the forest. As you walk alongside the stream, you will find superb views of waterfalls and rapids. On your visit, please fully enjoy the most beautiful mountain streams representing Japan, such as the well-known Ashura Stream and Sanmidare Stream, as well as the trees lining the streams and many wild birds.


    A tunnel of greenery


    Surrounding the Oirase stream are Japanese beech, Japanese oak, Japanese Judas tree, Japanese horse-chestnut, and other broad-leaved trees. The fresh greenery in spring and colorful foliage in autumn are especially beautiful. In summer, it looks as if there is a green tunnel. You can enjoy a variety of plants and flowers for each season, while enjoying a full-sensory experience of the forest's abundance.

    Trail Map