Yakushima (Island) National Park

Advanced Two-Day Mount Nagata Traverse From Summit to Sea


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Hike through Yakushima's diverse vegetation, key to its World Heritage designation

This two-day hike geared toward advanced hikers covers all of Yakushima's climates, from the near-subarctic zone at the peak of Mount Nagata to the near-subtropical zone along the coast. The trek involves climbing three peaks: Mount Kurio, Mount Miyanoura, and Mount Nagata. Along the way, you will see the range of diverse flora, an important element in Yakushima's selection as a World Heritage site.

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Available Year-round (inquire for 2021 schedule)
Duration 2 days
Cost Year-round (inquire for 2021 to 2022 schedule)
Contact Yakushima Island Guide Office Sangaku Taro
Phone (+81) 0997-49-7112
Email office@sangakutaro.com
Website https://www.sangakutaro.com/

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