Yambaru National Park

Churaboshi Stargazing

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Admire the star-strewn night sky of Yambaru

Gaze into the heavens through a 350-millimeter telescope at Yambaru’s mountaintop astronomical observatory. The area is well beyond the reach of urban areas, meaning the clear night skies are free of light pollution. The observatory's rural, mountaintop location means visitors can see even the smallest, dimmest stars in the sky.

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Available Year-round
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Cost Adults (age 13 and over): 4,400 yen, children (ages 3 to 11): 3,300 yen, infants (age 2 and under): free. Guests staying at the accommodation can charge the experience fee to the room and pay by credit card. Visitors must pay in cash or use the paypay system.
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