Discover the beauty of a serene island

More than 6 hours
Reference price JPY 14,000
Snorkeling and fishing in the Aragusuku Island

If you’re looking for serenity, the near-uninhabited Aragusuku Island is a paradise with emerald seas and enticing beaches located near the Yaeyama Islands. Aragusuku is affectionately known as “Panari” (which means “separated” in the local Yaeyama language) because it’s actually made up of two islands – called Kamiji and Shimoji – connected by a coral shoal.

Aragusuku is a very secluded island, accessible only via private boat excursions. This tour will depart in the morning from the port at Ishigaki Island and arrive at Aragusuku Islands in plenty of time for you to snorkel and fish to your heart’s content. The waters surrounding Aragusuku is some of the clearest in Okinawa. Enjoy some offshore fishing before breaking for lunch at noon. If you’re lucky enough to catch a big fish, it can be sliced up and served as sashimi!

Afterwards, you can relax at the beach before snorkeling in the clear water. All the tools and equipment are available for rent, and beginners are welcome. A day-trip to Aragusuku Island is definitely a special experience not to be missed.

10 minutes by walk from Ishigaki Port Ferry Terminal


20-21 Shineichō Ishigaki, Okinawa


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