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Credit:(C)URAKASUMI Saura Co., Ltd.


Groundbreaking sake that’s highly acclaimed in Japan and overseas

Thanks to the high quality of its rice, northeastern Japan’s Tohoku region has a reputation for brewing some of the country’s best sake. Standing out as one of the finest sake brands not only in Tohoku, but also across Japan, is Urakasumi, a legend among sake connoisseurs for its rich umami flavor, lightness on the palette, and smooth texture.
Based in the fishing town of Shiogama in Miyagi Prefecture, the Urakasumi Sake Brewery has been run by the Saura family since its inception in 1724. Throughout its long years in the business, this prestigious, multi-award-winning brewery has made significant contributions to sake culture. It has provided sake to nearby Shiogama Shrine since the late 19th century and was one of the earliest breweries to actively court the global market. Most notably, Sagoro and Junichi Hirano, two toji (master brewers) associated with Urakasumi, sparked the ginjo (premium sake) craze across Japan with the creation of the brewery’s signature Urakasumi Zen — an innovative masterpiece in the world of sake.
Meticulously brewed with locally grown rice and the brewery's in-house yeast, Urakasumi's sake is the perfect companion to Shiogama's specialties: fresh oysters and tuna. Worth a visit when in Miyagi, the brewery holds tours and sake tastings on a reservation-only basis.
2-19 Moto-machi, Shiogama-shi, Miyagi

Credit  Photo1-3:(C)URAKASUMI Saura Co., Ltd.

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