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Yamabushi Trekking and Waterfall Trails

Feel centuries of history among raging waterfalls

Step into another world as you trek among the 48 famous waterfalls of the Akame Valley — voted the most beautiful waterfall-containing landscape in Japan.
Along the four-kilometer hike, you’ll spot countless waterfalls large and small, connected by picturesque rivers and streams and surrounded by untouched forest.
Many waterfalls are named after Buddhist deities and historic figures. For over 1,300 years, the area has been home to temples from numerous Buddhist sects. As you walk the paths, you may come across white-robed "yamabushi", practitioners of the "Shugendo" folk religion. "Yamabushi" seek enlightenment in Japan’s mountain ranges, and this area is home to some of the most holy peaks in the country. The region’s remoteness also made it a perfect hideaway for ninja clans during the Middle Ages.
This combination of natural beauty and cultural significance provides an enthralling hiking experience on a gentle course that is easy for all to enjoy.
656 Muroufukano, Uda-shi, Nara

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