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Step into a timeless journey through the echoes of Echizen's history and ancestral crafts that coexist with nature

Craft Tourism in Echizen

Echizen, a region in Japan where tradition and innovation thrive, is home to local industries such as eyeglasses and textiles. The crafts produced here are national traditional crafts. Echizen washi (Japanese paper), lacquerware, cutlery, cabinets, and pottery are recognized as national traditional crafts for their intricacy and beauty. In particular, Echizen washi is especially noteworthy for its history and high-level craftsmanship. It is known for being used in Japan's first national banknotes. It is also the birthplace of the watermark technology used in today's banknotes.

Travelers who visit this region have the opportunity to tour the workshops where these traditional crafts are created. Visitors can deeply understand the techniques and history through direct interaction with the artisans. Experiencing their handmade products firsthand can significantly deepen one's appreciation of the region's culture and crafts. You can witness the daily working environment of Echizen's people, learn about the relationship between the environment and climate and its traditional crafts, and even create your own one-of-a-kind handicraft with your family or friends. There are various ways to enjoy the Echizen's charms; with it, you'll encounter new experiences and insights. Echizen is where new technologies and ideas are nurtured alongside age-old traditions, offering an extraordinary learning experience in a cultural treasure house that Japan cherishes.


1-2-3 Fuchu, Echizen-shi, Fukui

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