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Uncover kimono culture through prized Nishijin textiles

Hosoo Textiles

Founded in 1688 in the old city district of Nishijin, Kyoto, Hosoo is a textile weaver and a kimono curator with a mission: to take Nishijin textile worldwide, and kimono culture to the future.

In its pursuit of quality textiles, Hosoo emphasizes collaboration between craftsmen of varying areas of expertise. A master artisan oversees all of the 20-plus steps needed for the creation of Nishijin textile. This has been the way since the silk textile was first developed in Kyoto 1,200 years ago.

Going beyond kimonos and obi sashes, in 2010, Hosoo developed a loom that could weave Nishijin textile with an increased width of about 5 feet (150 cm). This made the textile much more versatile, enabling the company to supply it worldwide for use in interior decor, fashion, art, science, and technology. It now counts brands like Chanel, Dior, and Ritz-Carlton among its clients.

Hosoo’s flagship store in Kyoto sells not just kimonos, but also luxury lifestyle products like bags, cushions, and furniture made with Hosoo’s textiles. When you buy a Hosoo product, you’re getting a piece of high-quality Japanese craftsmanship backed by centuries of tradition and artistry, as well as supporting Hosoo’s mission of fostering a future for Japan’s rich craft culture.


412 Kakimoto-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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