Enjoy the finest Akashi sea bream, caught with sustainable fishing methods and prepared in modern French style.

Hyogo's Akashi Sea Bream and Japan's Modern French Cuisine

Overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, the Akashiura Fishing Port in Hyogo Prefecture has gained renown for its prized Akashi sea bream, celebrated for its delicate texture and distinctive flavor. The region employs a traditional method known as "Akashiura-jime" to enhance the fish's freshness. This intricate process involves inducing instant brain death using a short gaff, followed by spine cutting with a knife, blood drainage, and nerve destruction through the threading of a wire along the spinal cord.

Olivier Roellinger, a prominent French chef and advocate for sustainable seafood, took notice of this technique, garnering global interest for its sustainable potential. By preserving freshness, the method contributes to reduced fishing quotas, minimized food loss, and the conservation of marine resources. The heightened brand value also enables fishermen to maintain income levels despite reduced catches, establishing a sustainable economic model.

As part of this initiative, internationally acclaimed chefs appointed as "Akashi Sea Bream Brand Ambassadors" showcase their culinary skills by preparing both French cuisine and Kaiseki dishes using Akashi sea bream. Simultaneously, participants can gain insights into how the Akashiura-jime technique contributes to advancing food culture and addressing sustainability concerns, making it an enriching cultural tourism program. This valuable experience serves to broaden and deepen the understanding of those interested in Japan's traditional food culture, the fishing industry, and the sustainable and ethical practices demanded by modern society.

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