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Experience exceptional hospitality in a Japanese garden, and witness the skill and artistry of a Japanese master gardener.

Japanese Garden Experience: Master Gardener's Artistry and Tea Ceremony with Vegetarian Delights

Shosei-en Garden, located within the detached precinct of the historic Higashi Honganji Temple – a prominent ancient temple in Kyoto – is a Japanese garden nationally designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty. Spread over an area exceeding 10,000 tsubo (approximately 33,000 square meters), the vast garden features two ponds of varying sizes and a complex of palaces, with flowers blooming each season. Among its richly varied and beautiful landscapes is the iconic scenic spot, the Thirteen Views.

Since the Edo period, this garden has been a favored venue for hosting important figures from the shogunate, imperial family, and foreign dignitaries. It has also been a flourishing site for "Bunjin" culture, where intellectuals like calligraphers, painters, and scholars of Japanese classics gathered to socialize through various cultural and artistic exchanges.

At Shosei-en Garden, beyond just touring the grounds, there is a special program led by the gardeners who create its beautiful landscapes daily. These programs offer in-depth experience of traditional craftsmanship, the Japanese aesthetic appreciation of nature, spirituality, explanations about biodiversity-friendly gardening, and live-pruning demonstrations. Additionally, the program includes exclusive experiences such as viewing a wooden boat specially reconstructed by ship carpenters for Edo-period boat parties and enjoying access to private study rooms and tea houses, where you can savor tea and shojin cuisine. Beyond these programs, there is a strong commitment to promoting "regenerative tourism," offering more people opportunities to learn about the history, culture, and biodiversity efforts of Shosei-en Garden and its surrounding area.

Check out this fascinating destination to relax in a beautiful Japanese garden while experiencing various aspects of Japanese aesthetics and spirituality.

A garden artisan giving a demonstration


45 Nishiteranomae-cho, Shishigatani, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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