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Invitation to the elegant, highly exclusive world of Kanazawa’s Geisha

Kanazawa Geisha Performance

Teahouse culture in Kanazawa remains alive. Only around 50 performers entertaining across three teahouse districts in Kanazawa have achieved the coveted title of Geisha. Geisha entertain customers with performances of traditional dances and songs, some of which may not be known to those who have never been invited into this expensive and highly restrictive world. These dances have come from ancient Kabuki and Noh theatre and have evolved into a stylized and controlled form of dance. Every gesture tells a story, every look conveys emotion, and only a true connoisseur can understand the subdued symbolism. Geisha also train in the Japanese shamisen, a notoriously tricky, three-stringed instrument that many spend their whole lives mastering.

Teahouse culture strictly forbids the entrance of persons without an invitation from a well-established customer or from the teahouse itself. This barrier makes it difficult for even those living in Japan to experience the exclusive elegance and hospitality of a trained Geisha. The city of Kanzawa, in cooperation with the teahouses, has created this rare opportunity for visitors to reserve a Geisha performance in a Kanazawa teahouse.


Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

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