Kichisen brings old Kyoto to life in an ancient forest


Tucked into an ancient forest, Kichisen devotes itself to carrying on the traditional hospitality of Kyoto. The traditional "kaiseki" cuisine at Kichisen has earned widespread acclaim for both its superb quality and striking presentation. A "drink offering” called sake-ikken—a small cup of sake first offered to the gods and then enjoyed by the diner—opens the meal with a nod to tradition, and this attention to detail continues as the meal progresses.

Skillful Chef Tanigawa creates a rare example of the balanced and seasonal storytelling that is essential to "kaiseki" cuisine. Unusual for "kaiseki", which is typically designed to be presented to two or more people, Kichisen has a counter to accomodate solo diners. There is a certain rhythm and subtle charm that informs the progression of courses here, expertly matched with sake, wine and champagne choices.


5 Tadasu-no-mori, Morimoto-cho, Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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