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Learn the "art of imperfection" from a world-class Kintsugi master

Kintsugi "golden joinery" Experiences and Master Classes

Kintsugi, or literally “gold-joinery,” is the sophisticated art of breathing new life into broken ceramic ware. It is not an attempt to restore an object to its original state; rather it is a means of highlighting its chips and fractures as a record of its history.

The philosophy of wabi sabi (beauty in imperfection) is central to the art of Kintsugi, which holds that it is precisely the simplicity and imperfection of something that makes it beautiful. Genuine Kintsugi uses the decorative maki-e lacquerware technique. This involves gluing the damaged pieces with Kokuso Urushi Glue, allowing them to dry, and then polishing them flat. Then, the black urushi (Japanese lacquer) is applied and sanded smooth with togisumi (charcoal for abrading). A coating of e-urushi, a type of varnish, is then applied, and pure gold powder is sprinkled on top for the finishing touches.

Master Showzi Tsukamoto has a career spanning over 50 years, and his talent has been recognized via numerous awards and exhibitions around the world. He offers hands-on courses at his atelier in Tokyo, where you can learn the basic techniques of Kintsugi and the philosophy behind the art. Choose from a one-day Kintsugi experience or a 6-day or 12-day Kintsugi master class.


La Casa Minami-Nagasaki 401, 5-1-10 Minami-Nagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

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